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Marina Klinova

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  • graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, School of International Economic Relations (with honors)
  • Dr. of Science (Economics), the thesis theme: “Theory and Practice of Partnership between the State and Private Capital in European countries”

Field of research: the European Union (EU) countries’ Economy, Public-Private Partnership and Enterprise in the EU countries and Russia, the Role of the State in the Economy, European Integration.

Participation in research Projects:

  • Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation (RHSF), Project No 06-02-02050 “Socioeconomic and Political Development in Russia (Look from Europe)” (2007–2009);
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), Project No 11-02-00255 “The Russian Economy Modernization by Means of Investment Cooperation with the EU Countries (2011–2013);
  • Strategy 2020 – the Member of the Expert Group “The State Property Management and Privatization”;
  • Russian Science Foundation, Project No 14-28-00097 “Russian external investment under worsened relations with the EU” (2014–2016);
  • The CIRIEC roject “Public Services/Public Enterprises” (2014–2016).

Reports at Russian and International Events and Congresses:

  • II All-Russian Scientific Conference “France after the elections. France faces the choice” (2017),
  • XVII, XXIX, XXXI Congresses of the International Center of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC) (1988, 2012, 2016),
  • XVI Congress of the European Centre of Enterprises with Public Participation and of Enterprises of General economic Interest (CEEP) (2004),
  • XIV Congress of the International Economic History Association (IEHA) (2006),
  • Moscow International Energy Forum (MIEF) “Russian Fuel & Energy Complex in the XXI Century” (2008),
  • XIV Milan European Economy Workshop “Major Public Enterprises in a global perspective” (2015),
  • All-Russian Scientific Conference "Modern France in the world economy and international relations" (2015).

Main Publications

Author of more than 140 studies including four monographs.

About the Research Activity see also:

http://www.helsinki.fi/iehc2006/sessions81_124.html (119 section)


http://www.helsinki.fi/iehc2006/logos/IEHC_06.pdf (. 43)






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