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Victor Vasiliev

1974 – Graduated from the Maurice Thorez Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (Translation Department)
1991 – PhD in History from the Institute of the International Working Movement of the USSR Academy of Sciences. D. thesis: "Anti-war movement in Austria in 80th of 20th century (the main political trends) 
2001 – Degree of a Doctor of Political Science from the Institute for Comparative Political Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. D. thesis: "Modern German Federalism: Political Realities and Problems of Development"


Fields of scientific interests:
  • Germany's domestic and foreign policy
  • Party-political landscape of the FRG
  • System of state and municipal administration in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Germany's European policy
  • Military and non-military challenges of the FRG
  • Politico-military consequences of Germany's split after the Second World War
  • Historical memory policy
  • Russian-German relations
  • Austria's domestic and foreign policy
  • Party system of the Alpine republic
  • European integration processes, problems of neutrality
  • Austrian identity
  • Russian-Austrian relations

Foreign languages: German, English

Since 2013–present – Member of the Board of the International Non-Governmental Organization Russia-Germany Society

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