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Pavel Gudev

Cand.of Science (History)
Head of Group

Staff Member
Center for North American Studies
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gudev@imemo.ru | +7 (499) 128-1851

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RESEARCH INTERESTS: Ocean Policy, Global Ocean Governance, Law of the Sea, Maritime Security, Arctic politics.

1) US priorities in the Arctic // World economy and international relations. 2013. 9.
2) The US-China antagonism in the oceans spaces and resources exploitation / / Way to Security. 2013. 1(44).
3) Russian arctic policy: the old mistakes and new features / / The World and politics. 2013. 1.
4) New modes of environmental management in the Central Arctic: emphasis on a regional approach // International cooperation in the field of environmental protection, conservation and management of biological resources in the Arctic Ocean. Workbook. Ed. A.N.Vylegzhanin. M: Spetskniga, 2012.
5) Evolution of U.S. maritime policy / / International trends. 2012. 2 (29). May-August.

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