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Maria Khorolskaya

2012 – Bachelor's degree from Moscow State University (Faculty of History)
2014 – Completion of Master's degree at Moscow State Pedagogical University (Faculty of History)
2019 – PhD in Political Science at IMEMO. D. thesis: "Germany after unification: political problems and contradictions of the integration process" (23.00.02)


Fields of scientific interests:
  • Foreign and domestic policy of modern Germany
  • Russian-German relations
  • German reunification and the integration of the former GDR into a single country
  • German political parties
  • Germany's EU policy
  • European strategic autonomy
  • Franco-German tandem
  • Memory policy
Pedagogical activities:
  • Lecturing and conducting seminars on "Political Analysis and Forecasting in Conflicts and Crises" and "Modernisation and Political Development of Modern States" in English at the Master's programme of the RANEPA
  • Lecturing on "The Basics of Business Communication in Political Process" in English at the RANEPA undergraduate course
  • Conducting seminars on "Academic Reading" at the RANEPA undergraduate course
  • Distance lectures on "History of Political Studies" at RANEPA branches
Additional activities:
  • since 2020 – Co-Chairman of the IMEMO RAS Council of Young Scientists 
  • RAS Expert
  • since 2021 – Scientific Secretary of the Expert Commission for awarding the E.V. Tarle Prize
  • since 2021 – Member of the Examination Commission for PhD examinations at the Institute of History and Politics, Moscow State University 

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