10.11.16 - PhD (Politics) Victoria Zhuravlevas interview to the TV channel Russia 24
19.10.16 - Academician Nataliya Ivanova on the TV channel Russia-Culture
10.10.16 - Victoria Zhuravlevas interview on pre-election rush in USA
07.06.16 - S. Afontsev, Head of Department of Economic Theory, IMEMO RAN, as a guest of the program Open Studio
20.03.16 - S. Ivanov took part in the program Evening with Vladimir Soloviev
07.03.16 - Videoconference Moscow St Petersburg Baku
25.02.16 - A. Frolov is in the studio of the journal International affairs. Siria crisis: international aspects
19.02.16 - S. Ivanov and V. Nadein-Raevskiy took part in the program Evening with Vladimir Soloviev
08.02.16 - F. Voitolovskiy on the TASS press conference
04.02.16 - Ya. Mirkin in the program De-facto
28.01.16 - Videoconference Moscow Berlin
13.01.16 - Deputy Director of IMEMO RAN E. Gontmakhers interview from the news edition Lenta Ru
19.11.15 - A. Rogojin is in the program The Point of view. Asia-Pacific region: a new battlefield
07.10.15 - Academician A. Dynkins interview to ISPI: The role of Russia in conflict in Syria
25.09.15 - N. Arbatova in the TV channel Mir
13.09.15 - V. Kondratiev is in the program What we shall do? The labour productivity in Russia
06.09.15 - A. Portanskiy: The effects of the expansion of the US sanctions on Russian companies
15.08.15 - Ya. Mirkin took part in the program The View on the channel RBK
15.08.15 - V. Pantin: The problems of Crimea are the problems of Russia
28.07.15 - V. Evseev is the guest of the TV program The Open studio
16.07.15 - E. Bragina: The world is preparing to invest in India
07.07.15 - Ya. Mirkin: Greece puts the ruble under the pressure
07.07.15 - Yu. Kvashnin: The last move of the Varufakis
03.07.15 - S. Afontsev: Shanghai collapse: what does it entail?
01.07.15 - S. Afontsev: Prospects of the Ministry for Crimean Affairs
16.06.15 - S. Afontsev: Is a new model of the world economy growth already a reality?
15.06.15 - Ya. Mirkin: What are the Russians dreaming about?
14.06.15 - V. Vasiliev: Helsinki 40
07.06.15 - F. Voitolovskiy participated in the TV program The Sunday evening with Vladimir Soloviev
22.05.15 - N. Arbatova: EU has to reform The Eastern Partnership
05.05.15 - A. Rogozhin: The ASEAN Economic Community is at the finish line
23.04.15 - V. Pantin: Lenin and class struggles today
05.03.15 - S. Ivanov: The Islamic State as a regional and global threat. Iraqs efforts to counteraction
18.02.15 - S. Ivanov: ISIS becomes transnational
09.02.15 - A. Arbatov about the strengthening of NATO presence in Europe
21.01.15 - Has America prevailed?
09.01.15 - Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris. I. Khokhlov comments